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Shots, Shots & More Shots

Yeah, so I got some more shots. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Yellow Fever, Polio, Typhoid, and Meningacocus – on top of the TB skin test from earlier. I also got some blood work done. It’s funny how your blood just spurts out into those tubes. All right, not really funny, but crazy. Anyways, I’m pretty tired.

Time to recover.

Time to get shots

The long dreaded time has come – getting shots. The poke you then want all your money. Something doesn’t make sense here – those bastards should be paying me! Anyways, I got a TB test, then a Hepatitus A shot and I now have a prescription for Malaria. I have to get my Yellow Fever shot tomorrow and some blood work in a few days.

I hope I survive!