More news now that I have time (Part 1)

Well, I guess I should give some more detail now that I have some more time. However, I´m going to have to break it up into a few posts since I seem to have a size limit on each entry.

So I got off the plane in Quito and I they flagged me and a buddy I met on the plane through the inspection because we are backpackers (what contraband would a backpacker have, right?) and I attempted to find an internet cafe because I didn’t remember which hostel I had booked. So I walked around for a while and after asking a few people, I finally found one. But, they were out to lunch. The guard said they would be back in an hour so I took a cab to another one and found out my info and took another cab to my hostel.

Pretty nice accommodations – probably like 2 star, but that’s luxury by my standards. My own room and bathroom in a cozy hotel was nice. So then my friend Nelson picked me up with his buddy Pablo and we went and got dinner and then met this chick Fernanda and we went to the center of town and saw all the sights of central old town Quito in the evening. We then went to a bar and hung out and had a few beers. It was really cool.

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