More news now that I have time (Part 2)

So the next day (this post is continued) I had to find another place because mine was booked and I had only reserved one night and so I went across the street to a new hostel. I then went to where we had gone the previous night to get some pics in daylight and got some cool ones. I walked and walked and walked and got lost in the streets until eventually I found the trolly and got back to my hostel (a whopping 25 cents every time you get on it, regardless of where you go). I grabbed some lunch and met up with Nelson and three other girls later in the day and we went to a restaurant and hung out for about the next 5 hours chatting with our group (within about 2 hours, our group of friends had grown to about 12). Then we went to karaoke and had some beers and really enjoyed ourselves. I think this is the best way to learn Spanish because it´s kind of like sink or swim.
Quito is very different from America. As I mentioned, there are a lot of colors everywhere. Lots of stuff is in disrepair (you have to mind the bumps, drops, cracks and gaping holes in the sidewalk ahead of you) and you have to be careful that the little kids begging for money don´t snatch your bag. Things are really cheap (sometimes surprisingly so) but with regards for food, I´m not sure I´m brave enough yet to eat the meat on a stick for $.50 on the corner just yet. I think I need to get used to the water first and then take on some of the more “challenging” food.

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