Help! What day is it?

Okay, okay, I got some of the technical difficulties with this site figured out so I suppose I can spend a little more time with my impressions of Ecuador.

Just like anywhere else, some people are really friendly and some aren’t. You walk around and have to pay constant attention to where you are walking so as to not get run over. But what´s really cool is that there is always something going on.

There are always a million cars flying by on a one way tattered street honking (they honk a LOT), taxis soliciting clients, shoe shine boys asking you if you want “limpiar”, motorcycles flying down the sidewalk (the road is for lamers), guards standing around cafes or banks with their guns ready to be fired, and about a million other things. Because we are so high up, the clouds move fast and the weather outside always either looks really sunny, or really cloudy and dark. I never brought a jacket because I thought that it would be hot here on the equator, but no, the altitude makes it damn cold – so this chick I met is letting me borrow here jacket.

My friend Nelson has introduced me to lots of people and I’ve made a lot of friends. We have gone out and done something nearly every day – like the natural hot springs we visited last night. Sitting in a natural spa and relaxing certainly is nice. The springs were halfway up a volcano, so we were really high up.

We were right in the middle of the clouds and it was always half raining. Check the gallery for pictures.

As far as smells are concerned, you get a mixture in different areas. Near the busy streets you get a blend of roasted meat, diesel and ….. uh, fresh air. Sometimes you´ll walk by some place gross and get a whiff of urine, but usually it´s pretty normal. With everything that’s constantly going on here, you can just sit and watch things pass like a movie. It´s pretty crazy.

Today I´m getting ready to go see El Mitad Del Mundo (the middle of the world) which is some monument right on the equator. I´m uploading more pictures, so check the site in a little bit for more.

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