About those buses…

Yeah, in Quito, bus stops don´t mean much. You can get on and off wherever you want and it´s usually just 25 cents to anywhere in the city. I just got off a pretty long bus ride to this far away town called Otavala. There is a really huge market there with thousands of people every weekend. We walked around all day (I took lots of pics) and then watch the Ecuador vs. Venezuela soccer game.

Long bus ride back though – we were waiting in the dark for a bus back to Quito but they were all full so we kept waiting with some others for about an hour and a half. Cars would come by occasionally and load people up (I guess if your going to Quito it´s a cheap way to make some extra money) but they didn’t have space for us. Then finally, a bus pulled up and everyone crowded to the door but only me, Nelson and Giovanna (my friends) were able to make it on. The bus was full though so we had to sit on the ground in the front of the bus until others got off.

Yesterday, I went to the Middle of The World – a monument dedicated to exactly where the equator is and the northern and southern hemispheres meet. The weird thing is that the French (those god damned French) came and set up a monument where they thought the exact point was, but they were actually wrong. It is over on this mountain where the Indians originally put this big monument. They can´t figure out how they knew where it was.

So after that we went to karaoke (my buddy Nelson loves karaoke) and then went and played pool. When we got hungry we went and hung out at this Arabic place with Giovanna´s brother and got some dinner (a whopping $1) and then went to this other Arabic restaurant.

It took like 2 hours to get our drinks and coffee and the waitress spilled coffee all over Nelson, but it was probably one of the funniest nights yet in Quito (ever).

What´s a trip about Quito is that there are like tons of little kids everywhere selling stuff. You´ll be sitting in the bus and some kid will jump on and hand out candy to everyone, then make rounds again and ask for money for it, or that you give it back. You will be in a bar at 1AM and some 4-5 year old kid (no joke) without parents will come up and tug on your shirt and ask you to buy some gum. When you say no, he or she just walks away to another table, then to another bar. Sad stuff, but you can´t really contribute to it because although it might help them in the short run, it just leads to it´s continuation and encourages their parent´s to not put them in school.

Anyways, pictures will be up soon (set #3). Tomorrow it is off the bull fights!

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