My how time flies

I peered down the alley at the people huddled around the ATM. Wow…is that the line? I approached and quickly snatched a free machine. beep boop beep beep boop – “Señor, no se sirve”. Damn. No worries, there’s another bank across the street. I examine the logos on my card and the logos on the ATM. Damn…my card wont work here. After a brisk 10 minute walk, I find another ATM and try my luck. “Sorry, we wish to tell you that we cannot process your transaction now”, it replies mockingly. Oh, there’s another bank a few blocks down? Okay. And alas! I can pay the travel agent for my trip to Galápagos! Please note: they don’t accept credit cards. And travelers checks are charged $3 dollars per $100 for “processing” (What a daunting process I’m sure this “processing” entails).

So yeah, I’m going to the Galápagos islands for 8 days in an “economy” boat. No hot water, but at least I only have to share a bathroom with one other person. Set me back only $540 bucks to partake in such luxury, plus another $390 to fly there, plus another $100 to enter the park…Anyone wanna buy the pictures I’m gonna take? – never mind that they will be up for free on my site (I said NEVER MIND).

I discovered yesterday that I am sick. No – I mean like medically, not mentally, as the latter probably isn’t news to many. I think I’m a little better today though. Just a head cold (as cool as I am, you would think I would catch colds more often, no?).

Still so much more to see in Ecuador and I have to leave the day after I get back from Galápagos! Hopefully Nelson and I will see one more place before I have to go, but if not, I have really enjoyed my stay here in Ecuador. This place is awesome. I think knowing someone here has made all the difference.

And now I must take least, as the guard’s dog outside is barking loudly and it’s getting a bit annoying. Yeah, guards have dogs and shotguns here and they are stationed everywhere. I’m not quite sure what service the dogs provide, as they just sit there tied to a post all day, but what can you do? (What can you do?).

Oh yeah, and it may be a few days before I send another post (But I swear I’ll call you, mom) as I don’t know if they have many internet cafes in Galápagos or whether I’ll have time. But, I promise that I post have a ton of bad ass pictures on the site when I get back (que chévere!).


Quote of the day: Yeah, the people in my country speak poor in the South too.
–A Californian kid trying to pick up on a German chick in my hostel.

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