The sickest I’ve ever been in my life

“Surely customs won’t find this turtle I’m hiding in my bag.”
Yeah, I was sick. So damn sick I could barely stand it. Started with a head cold, but after a hamburger (I think), I felt like I wanted to die. The flight to Galápagos was probably one of the most painful experiences of my life – as we rose, my ears would not pop and I thought my head was going to explode. I wondered…who would clean up my brains…and would everyone be mad at me for making a mess? Would they charge me to clean it up? Seven trips to the bathroom at the back of the plane (I called it the walkway of shame) and a short trip to expel my lunch on the asphalt at the Baltra Airport later, I was in Galápagos!

Now the thing you gotta know about Galápagos is that foreigners pay $100 bucks to get in – locals only $6. You get this nifty certificate saying you just spent a bunch of cash because your white (It says something to that affect), and for future reference, the toilets don’t have toilet paper in the stall – you have to know to grab it before you go in there. So anyways, half delirious and scared of making a VERY lasting impression on my future 7 shipmates, I eventually made it to the boat where we got acquainted and took off to the beach.

A sea lion swimming playfully next to our boat.
You’re gonna have to wait for the pics, but they are cool. When I have more time, I will also put a better description up. I left some of my lunch on the island too, as food for the turtles (mostly watermelon) and then when we got back, I fed the fish on the side of the boat. At that point, I was really communing with nature and I think they really appreciated it. Not there 3 hours and I had given back a plethora of food. Fish are cute when they are grateful.

So anyways, the captain of the ship thereafter gave me some antibiotics and put some stuff in my ears and mentioned that I wouldn’t be able to eat for 24 hours. What’s ANOTHER 24 hours between friends, you know? So yeah, it worked. The next day, only threw up once, and TODAY, once more – but only because we all go sea sick from the choppy waves.

But as of right now, I am in great shape. All fixed up, repaired, 95% better. The trick is though – when you get on shore after 3 days at sea, the floor still rocks for about 3 hours after. I have really enjoyed the trip so far (besides all the being deathly ill stuff). You guys are gonna love the pics I post and I’ve seen a ton of really cool animals. We see all the turtles and stuff tomorrow, but I’ve seen the seals, sea lions, a ton of birds, sharks, tuna (which we ate shortly thereafter), goats, iguanas, lizards, etc…

Everyone really took care of me while I was sick and the crew was really attentive. I got special meals made for me (rice and butter) and it made it easier. What’s really funny though is that none of the crew speaks English. The guide speaks just enough to explain what we are seeing and what were gonna do (right ‘der ees de sheet of de pelícano), and I spend a lot of my time translating for everyone back and fourth.

We asked this pelican for directions, but he wasn’t much help
I also get to ask questions about the islands to the guide and actually get detailed responses that make sense (how lucky, eh?), which is pretty cool. The food is pretty good and with three more days, I’m energized and ready to go!

So now, supposedly I am ready for the “chicas” thanks to the fish soup we had on the boat. I didn’t have the heart to tell the crew that I lost my soup in the toilet on the way over here, but hopefully my body was able to extract the strength in contained therein before I threw it up.

Here’s to not being sick anymore – Cheers!

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