Goodbye Ecuador

Well, we finally made beer – American Ale. Lacking many of the amenities we take for granted in the United States (like a sparkling clean counter top), we busted out 5 gallons (actually, only 4) in about 3-4 hours. What to do with it then though? Naturally, we took the whole container of beer to a gas station to top it off with some more purified water. Then (of course you saw this coming) we took it to a karaoke bar. Since we couldn’t go to Nelson’s house on the other side of town first, we just brought it along. We had a difficult time explaining that we had 5 gallons of pre-fermented beer in our hands and we wanted to take it in with us to the bar.

Eventually, the guard agreed to guard it (thus the name) for us while we celebrated my leaving (or maybe they were celebrating that I would finally be gone). But anyways, here I am – tired as hell, trying to get these pictures on the web before my flight leaves for Bolivia. This will probably be the last post from Ecuador and although I didn’t get to see all the stuff I wanted to see, I think I got a pretty good idea of the country.

Bolvia – here I come!

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