Crime pays (in Bolivia)!

So guess what? I’m part of the Bolivian upper class now! Yeah, it’s awesome. We have all these important people over at the house for drinks and coffee or tea, we go out to eat a lot (sushi, steakhouses, etc…) at least three times a week, and we go to a lot of rich people’s parties.

The other day we went to this girl’s surprise party (even though she never showed up as her flight got delayed in Buenos Aires) at this supposed drug dealer’s (or money launderer’s – the rumors imply both) house. Don’t worry though. There is no risk of the DEA or CIA busting down the doors…we’re in BOLIVIA!! Word on the street is that I am now living in the world’s second most corrupt nation in the world (second only to Nigeria!).

So I don’t know how much weight I’m going to gain here…could be 10 pounds, shoot, could be 300 – who can tell? One thing that sent me for a loop though: When I left the US, I weighed close to about 173 pounds or so. When I got to Bolivia, I weighed only 80. Imagine that? I was pretty surprised myself as I didn’t think I looked that much different, but you can’t argue with fact. Someone said it had something to do with a few pounds lost in the Pound to KG conversion but I will have none of that. I just have to try to put back on the pounds…

So anyways, I have to get back to work. Everyone, keep it real and if you are ever in a situation where you think you might not be doing the right thing, ask yourself, “What would a Bolivian do in this situation?” – then go ahead and do it. I think we can all have a little to learn from this enlightened country.

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