Back to the US I go.

I spent the past week working out issues with my intestines. They must have gotten mad at me since we made up in Ecuador – but then I drugged them and everything was all right again (Until the next country’s bacteria gets a hold of me, I suppose). I also went golfing. Very very interesting – seeing as the “Resort” is “in progress” and looks like it’s about 10% done. $8 bucks later, we played a game of golf and had a really awesome dinner at the house.

But, I will be taking a break from my break as I return back home to attend my step-grandfather’s funeral. He passed away on Saturday and his funeral is on Friday. I think it only appropriate that I pay my last respects to a man who has played such an important role in my life. From Easter egg hunts, to birthday gifts, to Christmas dinner at his house, to picking me up from high school on rainy days in my pre-car years, Hal has always been a grandfather in place of the two I never knew. I will miss him greatly – as, I am sure, will everyone else who has ever had the pleasure of having him in their lives.

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