Scratch that…

In the last post, I talked about borrowing Mikael’s car and taking it out on the road. Scratch that. Took it to the shop and there is a lot of stuff wrong with it and we can’t afford to fix it so I just went in a few internet cafes and looked for posts on the boards there (that’s where people stick fliers for cars for sale, or people looking for rides or people to share fuel costs) and found a guy who was selling a nice car (relatively) for about $2200 AU (about $1650 US). I arranged a meeting and got the scoop. He’s a backpacker from Switzerland who took it around OZ for about 10 months and is leaving soon. Included in the price are two tents, a stove, all the cooking stuff, disk man, car setup and some other stuff and is also registered until September which includes liability insurance (so I’m all safe and sound). The car also runs on either natural gas or gasoline so that saves money on fuel (you guys think you have it bad…here it’s close to 5 bucks a gallon). We took it for a spin and I negotiated him down to $1700 AU ($1275 US) and then called the government to make sure everything was legit. All we have to do is write a paper saying we transfer ownership and when I get to Sydney I have to register it in my name (and then sell it shortly thereafter). I figure I can sell it for what I bought it for, but even if I can’t, I have still saved money on bus costs. To do the trip I want to do here, it would cost me about $1500 bucks in transportation costs. I can’t lose! I just hope it doesn’t blow up, but it seems like a decent car and he told me all the stuff he had to do to it. Life is all about risks.

So anyways, I’m gonna buy the car in about 30 minutes and set off tomorrow for Adelaide. It ought to be pretty cool. I also got my CHINESE VISA today!

Right on. It takes up a whole page in my passport which is kind of concerning seeing as I am running out of pages (what a problem to have). ALSO, I found out about my boots that I left in New Zealand. They are going to mail me brand new replacement boots! Can this get any better! I’ll have them ship them to the American Express office in Sydney and they will be waiting for me when I arrive.

So anyways, I’ll post some more when more cool stuff happens. Mikael is giving me this huge water tank for driving through the outback. That way if I break down I’ll be okay. Like they say here, no worries mate.

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