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Haha, I said Titticaca.

Well, with much reluctance, I had to leave Cuzco. I really liked it. Cheap food and hotels, cool stuff to do, nice bars, cool people, and a lot of personality. Instead of getting harassed by the kids, I bought some postcards and before they could come and badger me to buy them, I would tell them that I was selling postcards and they should buy them. I charged 7 soles for each one (they charge one each) and used all their own lines on them.

“No, you need a postcard from ME!”
“Maybe later?”
“For you, my friend, 6 soles.”

It got rid of them much quicker. Martin left the morning after our Cuzco drinking binge off to La Paz and we had planned to meet up in Copacabana in two days. I was planning on taking a bus the next day, but after a quick lunch (and a delicious one, at that), I realized that I would have to leave that very evening if I were to get there as planned. The bus ticket was 15 bucks for a 12 hour trip in a reclining sleeper chair on a double-decker bus. So I got my stuff packed, went out to dinner with Simon, Kat, and Erick (some friends I had made from the Inca Trail) and then headed off for the bus station. Once there, I got my ticket, sat around for a while and then, once boarded, I was on my way. On the bus, some lady was selling some chicken sandwiches and this English guy next to me (Nic) bought one (which takes quite the nerve). She went on blabbing at us for about 20 minutes before leaving and we finally got some sleep.

Invariably, however, the 12 hour bus ride ended up taking closer to 15 and we finally arrived in Copacabana in the afternoon. I must say, I am really fond of this town.

It is very small and very, very inexpensive to live here. I have had several meals so far, all of which have been less than $2.50 US for a bread, an appetizer, huge bowl of soup, the main course (I’m in love with the fresh garlic basted trout) and then dessert. I have my own room and bathroom, overlooking the lake, for $2.75 a night. I met up with Martin, and today, he, myself, and Nic (the guy from the bus) went to see the Pre-Incan ruins on the Sun Island off the coast of the lake. We hiked around for several hours after seeing the ruins and then headed back to shore. The trip cost us a whopping $3.00 for a 5 hour boat ride to and from the island. When we got back, we bought a few CD’s (about 7 for 6 bucks off some guy with a little booth on the side of the street) and went to get some dinner. They advertise free movies while you are eating at this one place, so we went in and after the waiter put in the movie, some furious German lady came storming over yelling at us for being so rude. She said that she came to this country to listen to the music at dinner and she would never behave in such a manner in a country she was visiting. I don’t think she realized that the waiter was the one who put the movie in for us and that we had no idea that she was listening to music (the DVD player was playing the music before) but she wouldn’t listen and stormed away.

Had she politely asked us if she could continue listening to the music, we would have gladly obliged – but since she was a total irrational bitch, we continued with the movie. As they say, the show must go on! I am still in dismay by her rudeness, but hey, that’s part of the fun of traveling.

Copacabana is very charming, and besides one specific German lady, I am really enjoying every aspect of it. Things seem to move very slowly here and it is very refreshing. Tomorrow, Martin and I head to La Paz after breakfast and I am excited to get out and see everything.

Wish me luck, can’t wait to see all that this place has to offer!