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The logs are going to get a lot shorter and less interesting now.

Why? Well, with internet running around $3.00 an hour, I can’t afford to write much. And on top of that, things in Europe are going quickly for me. I barely have time to sleep!

So I’ll write what I’ve been up to these past few days and I’ll fill in the blanks when we meet up for a beer or two after I get back.

So I flew to Athens from Tel Aviv. Remember that beautiful and funny girl I mentioned in my last log? She was randomly at the money changing place at the airport when I turned around. I told her that she found me out and that I was stalking her. We spent the 45 minutes before her flight laughing.

So then I went to Athens. I arrived and caught the bus and then went to the hostel I had booked. From there, I went out and bought a guidebook for western Europe and got some food, which were both important at the time. In Greece I’ve only been eating fried Gyros which are cheap ($1.80 each) but are fried. They are ALL I ate the whole time in Greece. So I went to the museum and met another beautiful girl and ended up spending a few days with her. We wandered around Greece, drank beer, talked and then went to Delphi (a little north of Athens) together. When we got back, we went to see the Acropolis and stuff. It was surreal to finally be there and see it. But I did it! So then I went to a small town called Napflio and spent a night there wandering around and hiking up a mountain to check out a 300 year old Venetian castle. You know how that goes…

My plan was to catch the boat that day to Italy. Bank of America was causing me problems so I had to change money and I missed a bus because of the line and so I almost missed the next bus but ended up making it to the bus 10 minutes before it was about to leave.

You know, I am not a hateful man. But whenever someone talks to me about Bank of America, hatred bubbles up from deep within me and spills out from everywhere. My God I hate that bank. Okay, I have to stop. I’m starting to shake.

So I got on the boat, and ended up running into who else but Yannick from Egypt! He was with a beautiful Argentinian girl named Ana (you know how I like Argentine girls) and we all had a great time. And who else was on the boat but the Costa Ricans that I had met in Athens! We had a really fun night drinking cheap wine and passing around jokes (thanks, dad, for teaching me a thousand of them). I ended up letting Ana use my sleeping bag so I shivered in the cold on the deck of the boat the whole night as I slept (because I used my Eurail pass for a half off ride, I was exiled to the deck along with all my other brother backpackers). But no worries. I’ve suffered much worse. So when we arrived, we wandered around town (Bari) until we arrived at the train station and then reserved our trains. We all started on the same train and then split off in different directions with the next train, but we all had a lot of fun hanging out in the train station for the hours that we did. What a fun group of people – and even better that everything was in Spanish.

So Renalto, Daniel (the Costa Ricans) and I went to Rome together. After hours of searching, we finally found a hostel and in the morning looked for another which after hours we finally found. And I’ve spent the day wandering around Rome.

The Vatican is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen in my life. I was blown away by the art. Then I spent the rest of the day meandering around, looking at people and taking everything in. I went to buy ice cream in a plaza but dropped my 2 Euro coin in the trash and spent 5 minutes in front of everyone digging through it. But I had the last laugh when I finally bought my ice cream with my trashy euro. Finally, I spent 20 minutes sitting in an alley and watching one of the most passionate violin players I’ve ever seen playing in the street. How incredible that was! He was playing for money and then some random guy came up and asked me for a euro and when I said no, he talked to me for 10 minutes. He kind of destroyed my moment, but he was just as much a part of the experience as any other so I talked with him (in Spanish). Half the people here speak Spanish, so it’s easy to get around.

And then I came back to the hostel, met up with Renalto and Daniel and we bought some food at the supermarket and sat in a plaza and ate while some random sketchy guys walked past us like sharks trying to steal our bags and we eyed them back just as menacingly.

I don’t know what the plan for tonight is, but I’m sure it will be fun.

I’m spending a lot of money. It feels weird but strangely invigorating. Hopefully I don’t run out.

I want to apologize. Those living vicariously through my adventures are going to be missing out on these posts in Europe. I feel overwhelmed every time I sit down to write emails and do a post as I have so much to say. But I’ve been writing much more in my journal so I won’t miss out.

Anyways, I’ve got to run. Que Bank of America se pudra y se queme en el infierno!